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Consulting: Stock Market Investing

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Get 1 on 1 training on the stock market for beginners (1 hour initial session with 30 minute follow up)

  • Learn about the stock market
  • Understand the complexities of the market
  • Learn about technical and fundamental analysis
  • Get step by step instructions on how to setup a brokerage account
  • Receive a free book
  • Receive a free notebook

Lee has been successfully investing in the stock market for over 15 years. Having taken several stock market courses in person and online and read numerous books, you will get an introduction to investing and the stock market.

1 review for Consulting: Stock Market Investing

  1. Jasmine B

    A phenomenal session! Mr. Langs was very personable. This session deepened my understanding of stocks, how to read a company’s stock market summary, and how to identify the best company’s to invest in. I didn’t feel like I was “talked at,” I felt a part of this conversation. I was able to ask questions & engage with the material as well! 10/10 would recommend.

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