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Revived Prosperity is an online space that provides Pan-African education, financial literacy, and thought provoking think pieces aimed to empower Black people (commonly referred to as Kings and Queens). We want to provide more options to educate people through information based on facts and ideas. In addition to providing inspirational apparel, we aim to teach the Black youth about health, financial planning, Black culture, investing and so much more. 

We created this company because we are tired of seeing our history skipped over or only include slavery. The media criminalizes us daily and does not provide much in terms of positive and useful tools for our Black youth. We wanted to change the narrative and create a productive and welcoming space. 

“I am no longer accepting things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept!”

-Angela Davis


Brianna is working to encourage activism and uncover unknown Black history. She aspires to be a lifelong learner and serial entrepreneur. Her dream is to have enough passive income that she can become a snow bird and own a community center that propels the next generation. 


Lee is a real estate investor, chess enthusiast, military veteran, and has a passion for empowering black people to meet their full potential through financial literacy, knowledge of African history, and self accountability. 

Lee offers 1-on-1 consulting on financial planning, real estate, investing, and starting a vending machine business. 

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