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Want to support your local Black owned businesses? Here are 6 tips on ways you can provide support!

1. Shop Black

Shopping for clothes, food, decorations, etc? Take a few extra minutes to google what you’re looking for and include Black owned business in your search. By doing this, you could discover a new hidden gem. It just might become your new favorite place!

2. Leave reviews

When you find a business you really enjoy, show them love by leaving a review. This will let people know about your experience! Many people rely on reviews, so make your voice heard by leaving thoughts and opinions.

3. Sharing content

We are in a time where people are sharing everything on social media. Many Black content creators tend to get overshadowed, so when you find content you like be sure to share it. Whether it’s just with friends and family, or on your own social media, sharing is definitely a great way to provide support.

4. Engaging on social media

A great way to connect and provide support is to engage with businesses on social media! Therefore, you should consider leaving a comment, or stitching and dueting a video. Let the business know they have your support by engaging with them!

5. Signing up for newsletters

Many companies often send out newsletters letting people know what they currently have going on, or what they have coming up in the future. This is a great way to stay in the know. Make sure to be on the lookout for all the cool things coming in the future by signing up!

6. Partner up and collab

Do you have a small Black owned business you’re trying to build? Look for other Black owned businesses in your area and reach out about collaborating on a project! Building together allows for you to make connections. Therefore, it is important to share and gain resources you may not have had before.

Have a Black owned business you want us to highlight? Reach out to us here!

Watch the above to hear Mandy Dover provide some insight on supporting and creating Black owned businesses and click here to read up on additional ways to support the community!

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